Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Post-Modernism in a blog?

Post-modernism just doesn't work in blog form. Or does it?

I've been contemplating a post-modernist blog entry for a while now but what constitutes post-modern? Sorry. This is a question best left to my English literature course in which nobody can still come up with a viable interpretation. This is good for post-modernism but not so for my course. Imagine writing a 2500 words essay on post-modernism when you’re not even sure what it is?

In context with literature it’s probably a little easier. Meta – a thing which is aware it is a thing. So meta-blogging would be blogging about blogging? It’s all very confusing and coma-inducing unless you are, like me, fascinated by things that don’t make sense to you. I have been devouring everything and anything I can get my hands on re: post-modernism. I’ve read so many books that I would actually recommend to people. These include: House of Leaves which is quite a challenge to get through but one that ultimately pays off. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius which is another book that seems to put you off. The preface and the acknowledgments are almost chapter length themselves but I promise this books is worth it. It is very much the kind of book the title suggest! The last one I’m going to recommend now is Generation X. I took this one from the University Library because I wasn’t sure if it was one that I wanted to purchase. Rest assured, that book is now on my bookshelf; a bought and paid for copy.

Somehow my interest in post-modernism somehow led to me thinking about my dissertation. Don’t ask me how or why, it just did!

Apparently said dissertation is, “always worth talking about in your second year!” This quote comes happily from my personal tutor and future dissertation advisor. She seemed almost ecstatic to find out that I wanted to undertake this project and I had a brief moment where I pondered the sanity of actually deciding to do this but I got over it pretty quickly. The only reason I made this choice was because I’m aware that I have to have a title and an introduction before I actually start my third year. “Queer theory,” slipped out of my mouth before I’d really thought about it and suddenly I have three books being shipped from Amazon and a list of things from my tutor that I could research into. Now all I have to do is come up with a question.

            The application form for Dissertation has just literally showed up on my moodle and I’m glancing at it with something close to trepidation. It’s asking for a proposal in 200 words or less and all I’m doing is staring at the blinking cursor and thinking just how do you go from ‘Queer Theory’ to a proposal? This is a question that I am determined to tackle before the 28th of April. Be prepared for a great many blog entries detailing my long and arduous journey into the land of dissertation.
Somehow I am still hung up on the fact that post-modernism has, in my mind, anything to do with Queer theory but I’m sure there was a connection there somewhere. There was! I just need to dig around until I find it. ...

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