Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Of UFOs and Unbirthday Presents!

UFOs! They are everywhere. Unless, of course, they are actually blimps but you spend half your Wednesday night convinced it’s a UFO and then your supervisor kindly informs you that you are wrong. Seriously. Last Wednesday it was my first attempt at manning the chat here at the Enquiry Unit. There were two of us working that night alongside my supervisor S. N and I were sharing stories and we were wrapped up in her photos of which she had two – UFOs! They were legitimate UFO photos and we were convinced there was evidence right in front of us of an alien invasion! We were doomed! Either because they would fly back and attack us or merely because they would find us far too boring and we would never leave this planet. Either way, we were so excited about this UFO sighting until S peered over N’s shoulder and calmly stated, “That’s a blimp.”

(Thank you to N for use of her wonderful pictures!)

We were devastated. Our dreams of selling the photos and getting rich from all the UFO hysteria that would come from this were dashed without mercy. Thankfully we could laugh about it. It was kind of hilarious. I still maintain we knew all along and just got swept up in the moment of having a potential UFO sighting. Say what you like. We knew.

We did.

Swiftly moving on from UFOs lest I cry horribly for the next half an hour and never watch another UFO movie ever again; Unbirthday presents!

(picture courtesy of my copy of Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland)

You may remember from a previous blog that the best friend and I constantly engage in “competitions” to outdo each other re: holidays and birthdays. That doesn’t start and end with merely birthdays. We also have a tendency to celebrate ‘unbirthdays’ made famous by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Instead of gifting each other Easter eggs? We find something else to gift instead. If one of us passed an exam or did exceptionally well in our University work, we buy each other presents! For her “YOU PASSED YEAR TWO YAY” present last year, I bought her a Louis Vuitton bag. This is how much I love my best friend.

If it wasn’t obvious from previous entries, I am the biggest geek on the planet. My geek out currently has been comics, revived from my excitement over the Avengers Assemble movie and the new Spider-man reboot. (Spider-man is my favourite comic ever in the world, seriously). For my “You got two firsts for your essays!” reward, the best friend bought me some comics that I have a little bit of a love for right now.
(Teen Titans and Superboy in case anyone is interested. You’re probably not but I don’t care. I will love and read them anyway.)
(Scanned this picture from my own copy of Teen Titans, which is all DC’s!)

So I now need to come up with something cool to gift her for completing her third year. She’s just written her dissertation. She does Philosophy which I am absolutely not interested in whatsoever but as part of my best friend duties, I promised to look over and read it for her.

It was so hard to do when a) I understood nothing, b) I dislike Philosophy and c) there were much more interesting things I would rather be doing. I powered through regardless and I was actually so impressed and proud. I now just have to imagine writing my own one of those (ha!) which seems like a much too daunting task right now!

This has been a short entry this week but I promise to bring you a new blog soon!
Happy unbirthdays to all of you (and watch out for those UFOs!)

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