Monday, 19 December 2011


As Slade would say! So. We’re finally at the Christmas break but can I rest and have a good time? Well, yes I can but I also have an assignment due on the day I come back which means that University is never far away from me! I will just have to find the time to finish off my short story while I am gallivanting across England visiting the best friend, the family, the friends and the Devon family. The Devon family is just my father’s side, who all reside in farming country!

Tiverton - Devon

That’s right. This awkward city girl is awkward because she’s not from the city! Believe me, trying to acclimatise to life in London – the big city! – when you've come from a farm background it is so far from easy. It’s been an experience and one I relish but I will be so happy to run back to my home town, you have no idea. Not to say that living here hasn't been an experience because it has. London has so much to offer and Greenwich in particular is a lovely place to spend my time. It has enough greenery – the park is huge and wonderful and let’s not forget, it is the sight of HORSES come the Olympic Games! – and the people are friendly. Plus, it has that biggest added benefit of being the place where I spend a good portion of my time.

It might be a challenge to find my place here, I’m still searching and knowing me, I’ll find it just before I leave, but it’s a challenge that I take head on. As we swing by into Christmas and in all the festivities and love that I know awaits me, there will still be that part of me that misses my University, my classes and Greenwich.

Dreadnought Library in the snow

There will always be a part of me that will be happy to come back in January. Until then, I will definitely make sure to enjoy myself and immerse myself in the Christmas Spirit and the love of family and friends, and will see you on the other side!

 Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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