Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Of Kindles and Medals and America, oh my!

We have reached 2012!

I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, spent with the best friends and sometimes the family, and I received some wonderful gifts, not least my brand new Kindle. I can’t put it down, even though I am still reading all the wonderful books on my six bookcases. Seriously. I think my bedroom is really just a library with a bed and a computer stuck inside of it. It’s wonderful except now I am torn between uploading books to my Kindle or actually buying them. Nothing can beat the wonder of reading a book in your hands, the small of new pages and the fact that it’s something you can keep through the years, even when the book is worn and some of the pages are coming away from the spine. That said, I adore my Kindle and will definitely use it for those long journeys to and from Uni, Work and when I am travelling overseas for whatever reason. A wonderful holiday device!
So. 2012! There is such a wealth of happenings this year that I am simultaneously sceptical, excited and terrified all at once. I suppose the first thing I should mention is the Olympics. I know, I know, nobody really wants to talk about that because I think everyone I have spoken to so far carries a certain amount of scepticism about how well we can actually pull this off. I think the first advert I saw on New Year’s Day was the one showing many, many people running down the beach in celebration of the Olympics. I myself carry a lot of scepticism. I honestly don’t know how London will cope under the onslaught of people, tension and pressure that the Olympics will bring. I will hold out hope, especially because I want to stand in Greenwich Park amongst the equestrian lovers like myself, and enjoy the entire experience. 
Moving swiftly onwards to the excited category! There are so many good and exciting things happening to me this year! Such a wealth of movies to interest my cinema-loving heart. The Hunger Games, the Spiderman Reboot, The Hobbit, The Avengers and War Horse to mention but a few. Tying in with my movie adoration is the news that, providing all goes well with ticket purchasing, I will be making a trip across the pond to San Diego for their major comic con in the summer. I’ve wanted to go for years and it warms my snow-cold heart to think that I may well be joining the ranks of geeks all amassing for a week of entertainment catered to our very interests! That all sounds very poetic but really, the excitement is definitely there. 

Lastly to the terrifying part. It’s the conclusion of year two and the beginning of the end: third year. Obviously that isn’t until September and I have the wonderful world of clearing before then (yay!) but there’s still a little bit of terror threatening to overwhelm me. I don’t think I’m quite ready for my University experience to be over. I have loved this part of my life and the prospect of  moving onwards and outwards just doesn’t appeal to me quite yet. I’ve been in education since the age of four and for the past twenty-three years it’s been my life. I’ve had jobs alongside it, the longest of which I still miss with my heart, but I’m still not quite ready for this chapter to be over.

Not least because that novel I have been writing, the one that is going to get me fame, infamy and cash (according to my family and best friends!) has been sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to actually get around to finishing.

I wonder if 2014 is too late to take it back out...

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